EPSDER's objective is to bring together the real and legal persons operating on EPS, to provide energy efficiency in heat insulation to prevent waste of resources, to provide protection of buildings and the environment, to make the users aware of packaging and to provide appropriate transportation of products to producers, to contribute to architectural designs by providing aesthetic solutions with decorative products, to save costs by ease of application, to follow the different usage and applications of EPS in the world (such as GEOFOAM, ICF) and to make use of them in line with the country's benefits and to form a power alliance in all these activities.



EPSDER – Turkish EPS Industry Association of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) producers and EPS thermal insulation and packaging materials converters "PUD - Polystyrene Manufacturers Association" was founded in 1996 in Ankara. The association’s name was changed to EPSDER – EPS Industry Association in 2012.

Since 2006, EPSDER has been a member of EUMEPS - European Manufacturers of EPS Association and has made a mission to raise awareness on insulation and energy efficiency.

For this purpose, EPSDER Laboratories were structured as "CEVKAK – Environment, Energy Efficiency and Quality Economic Enterprise" in 2007 and it became Turkey's first accredited private thermal insulation materials laboratory.

In 2012, CEVKAK has been appointed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and by the European Union as a "Notified Body".

Uses Of EPS

EPS is not affected by water, humidity, or UV light. Since it only contains polystyrene and air, it does not degrate or rot and does not lose its mechanical, thermal or other technical performance parameters with time. Production of EPS uses relatively small amounts of energy therefore EPS is the most eco-friendly insuiation material available. EPS is recyceable. EPS can be formed into complex shapes in the mould or with CNC cutting.

EPS is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain ozone depleting or global warming causing chemicals. EPS has pentane gas inside which is a natural gas of alkali group. Pentare released into the atmosphere during EPS conversion disintegtrates into CO and H O.

The main uses of EPS are as follows:


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